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Performed at the Sound Room in Oakland California on February 15th, 2019.

Remy Leboeuf- Alto Sax

Matt Verplaetse- Alto Sax

Greg Johnson- Tenor Sax and composer

Daniel Weidlein- Tenor Sax

Aaron Lington- Bari Sax

Bill Theurer- Trumpet

Kyle Athayde- Trumpet

Josh Reed- Trumpet

Erik Jekabson- Trumpet

Jon Hatamiya- Trombone

Rob Ewing- Trombone

Mike Zelazo- Trombone

Richard Lee- Bass Trombone

Randy Vincent- Guitar

Omree Gal-Oz- Piano

John Wiitala- Bass

Chris Smith- Drums

Aarón Serfaty- Percussion


And special guest singer Nicolas Bearde!


Recorded by Clyde Niesen

Mastered by Daniel Weidlein

Visions of Kansas City (m4a album)


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