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Are you a Jazz professor looking for structure to your curriculum?  Are you a Jazz student looking to find ways to get inside chord changes more than you already are?  You are in luck because the first edition of "The Language of Jazz Harmony" is finally here!


This is the textbook that I wrote to supplement the "Jazz Elements" classes at the University of Southern California when I was working under Bob Mintzer and Alan Pasqua.  during the year of 2014-15, I used this book as the primary text for the Freshman/Sophomore "Elements 1" when the class was under my direction.


The book covers harmonic devices from the ii-V-I up to very advanced chromatic harmony.  It provides context in which to practice harmonic devices, examples of how to use harmonic devices over common Jazz progressions and lays out open-ended assignments at the end of each chapter.


This is the first edition, and there are some typos in the text. 

118 pages  

Language of Jazz Harmony (pdf textbook)


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